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Metal sculptures

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Manon Damiens has always been drawn to metal. She needs to hammer, weld and cut it, imagine shapes and movement in this material that can seem cold and heavy. Her obsession is to give lightness to matter, create space, gaps, cracks and openness so that metal is nourished by air and breathes, undulates and takes life from the impulse of the atmosphere.

Manon Damiens is a metal sculptor, a graduate of the Olivier de Serres art school (ENSAAMA) where she worked with Jean-Louis Sauvat and Fred Barnley. Eager for knowledge, she has travelled widely and settled two years in Niger to work with master blacksmith, Ousmane Anour.

When she returned to France, Manon opened her metal sculpture studio in Narbonne. Very soon, after an initial exhibition, and with the support of the DRAC (Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs), she won a residency at Saint-Marcel-sur-Aude and was commissioned to work for several galleries. Her works are sold in France but also exported in private collections (USA, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, etc.).

In 2017, Manon Damiens was invited to stage a personal exhibition at the Walter Benjamin Contemporary Art Centre as part of the Pablo Picasso retrospective organised for the reopening of the Hyacinthe Rigaud museum (June-November).

She has worked on the "Oïkos" project at the International Festival of the Chaumont-sur Loire Gardens in 2016, the "Artistes à Suivre” event 2014- 2015-2017, as well as many other exhibitions.

2017 award winner of the Ateliers d’Art de France for the Occitanie region.

2016 Young Designer Award at the Salon des arts et du feu (arts and fire exhibition) of Martres-Tolosane.

Manon Damiens sculpteur métal art artiste
Manon Damiens sculptrice métal Narbonne Aude
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